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$175 per day
Online/Remote positions

No other social media can bring as much engagement to your brand's name as Instagram can.

That’s why many businesses nowadays hop on the bandwagon and try their best to be active on it. And that’s where they started needing ordinary folks like you and me to manage posting photos and videos of their products on their Instagram pages.

An educational startup is looking for two ordinary social media users from anywhere.

Their students and potential audiences are most active on Instagram, and that’s why they also need to be super busy on it. 

Here, your job is to post premade content that the company will provide you with on their Instagram page.

 This can include pictures, videos, and captions. You need to be available 12 to 15 hours a week for this job.

Experience necessary:

  • No experience is needed at all. That’s because full training will be provided to you initially.
  • You have to know how to use Instagram and post photos on it.
  • And even if you don’t know, you’ll be provided with complete training, as I said earlier.
  • Just be quick; this job is not for everyone. Only two open slots left.
Social Media Workers are in huge demand worldwide right now. So if you can start right away, please apply below.
No experience required

Even if you’ve never been paid to do social media work before, you’ll be able to find great gigs. When hiring social media assistants, companies value enthusiasm over track records. So newbies are always welcome.

Of course, you must start lower down the ladder if you’re a rookie. You will do beginner-type jobs while you learn the ropes.

But most companies provide good training for remote workers. That means you can soon progress up the ladder to intermediate- and advanced-level jobs. And that’s when you make the big bucks!

So who is this for? It’s for you! Currently, many companies are looking to hire people like you to do paid social media work.